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20th Century Unit 1: Early Violin Unit 2: Baroque Musical Period Unit 3: Classical Musical Period Unit 4: Romantic Musical Period Unit 5: 20th Century Musical PeriodUnit 6: Non Traditional



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Fig. 5.1 The Violin. Oil on three-ply panel by Juan Gris, 1917.

Fig. 5.2 Stravinsky. George Grantham Bain Collection, Library of Congress: LC-B2- 5464-2.

Fig. 5.3 Maurice Ravel, photograph from Calvocoressi, M.D. "Maurice Ravel," The Musical Times. Dec. 1, 1913.

Fig. 5.4 Anton Webern, photograph, 1912.

Fig. 5.5 Shakers singing and dancing. Engraving, 1840.

Fig. 5.6 Béla Bartók. signed high school graduation photograph, 1899.